Olivia Abreu, flute

Mexican flautist born in Wales, Olivia Abreu obtained her DEM (Musical Studies Diploma) and her Perfectionist Diploma at the Ville d'Avray Conservatory with Patrice Bocquillon. In 2007 she was admitted to the Strasbourg Conservatory in Mario Caroli's class, where she obtained, between 2009 and 2012, the Chamber Music Perfectionist Diploma, the Specialisation Diploma in Flute, the Concert Diploma in Chamber Music, as well as the Specialisation Diploma in Chamber Music.

In 2010, she received her Master’s degree as a performer from the University of Strasbourg, with a programme of works for flute and electronics and a dissertation about the Expression in Electroacoustic Music. In Mexico, she has been a member of the Carlos Chávez Symphonic Orchestra, the Enigma Wind Quintet, and the Kontempo and EnsamblArte chamber music ensembles. In 2004 she won the prestigious National University of Mexico competition to participate as a soloist with the University’s Philharmonic during the 2004-2005 concert season.


Anna Paolina Hasslacher, piano

Anna Paolina Hasslacher is an internationally active Mexican pianist of French decent. She develops her musical activity as a soloist, chamber musician and in various free improvisation projects. She studied piano with Claudio Herrera, Laurent Cabasso and Michel Gaechter, and specialized in contemporary repertoire at the Strasbourg Conservatory in France. Later on she obtained a Master’s degree in Free Improvisation at the Music Academy of Basel, Switzerland, with Alfred Zimmerlin and Fred Frith. She has collaborated with many composers premiering their pieces, such as the Mexican premieres of Ivan Fedele’s Études Boréales and Helmut Lachenmann’s Serynade, and the French premiere of Héctor Quintanar’s Sonidos. As a soloist, Anna Paolina has been conducted by Jack Fortner and Juan Trigos, both renowned composers as well as conductors. In the area of improvisation, she is particularly interested in sound metamorphoses through the use of extended and unconventional piano techniques, thus carrying out various projects such as Modulations of feelings or Project Universo, both musical, philosophical and scientific projects. In 2008 she cofounded CEGAC, Mexican association dedicated to the promotion of musical heritage, the dissemination of contemporary concert music and the exchange between artists.

HannaH Walter, violin

HannaH Walter studied violin in Düsseldorf, Berlin and Paris. In 2016 HannaH obtained her “Master of Arts for Specialized Performance in Contemporary Music”, with honours, at the Hochschule für Musik Basel. With a scholarship from the Kunststiftung NRW, she worked as a violinist in the 2016-2017 season of the International Ensemble Modern Academy in Frankfurt.

With a multi-disciplinary vision for her professional future, she currently combines her musical formation with artistic and instrumental practice, as well as artistic research, in the “Master of Arts in Transdisciplinarity” at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste.

HannaH holds scholarships from the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, Stendaler Jütting-Stiftung, Oscar und Vera Ritter-Stiftung, and received the Swiss government Excellence scholarship for foreign students and artists for the academic year 2015-2016.

In September 2017 she obtained the second prize at the Concours Nicati, the prestigious Swiss biennale competition dedicated to the performance of contemporary music.

Mathilde Raemy, cello

Cellist Mathilde Raemy, born in 1990 in Geneva, is particularly interested in contemporary and free improvised music. After a first Master’s with Thomas Demenga at the Music Academy Basel, she is currently studying a Master’s in specialized performance in contemporary music under the direction of Marcus Weiss, Mike Svoboda and Jürg Henneberger. Mathilde has received musical guidance from Helmut Lachenmann, Walter Grimmer, Ferenc Rados, David Eggert, Caspar Johannes Walter, Lucas Fels, Yukiko Sugawara, Alfred Zimmerlin, Fred Frith, who have greatly influenced her artistic development.

Mathilde Raemy plays in several chamber music ensembles at concerts and festivals in Switzerland and abroad. She is interested in musical research, particularly in microtonal systems. She collaborates with young composers and is active in musical theater and theater as a musician and performer - particulary at the Gare du Nord and Theater Basel.

 Mathilde Raemy is a cello teacher at the Basel School of Music.

Camille Emaille, percussion

French percussionist born in 1993 in Nice, Camille Emaille is currently studying a bachelor’s degree in contemporary music at the Musik Akademie in Basel, Switzerland. She considers music as a component of everything in life, regardless of the place or given moment. It is with this philosophy that she approaches improvisation, which allows her to consider music as a continuous flow where musicians and audience can immerse together. With this same approach she has been part of a group that organises “wild” concerts, in places usually closed to public but with a strong historical and acoustical background. She collaborates with several artists who work with video, shadow theatre and puppets (“Divines Bovines” show), and plays in duo with clarinettist Xavière Fertin, and in trio with the brothers Arthur and Sebastian Smolyn (electronics and trombone). During her studies and workshops she has worked with William Winant, Lee Quan Ninh, Fred Frith, John Butcher, Benat Achiary, Roscoe Mitchel, Gunter Baby Sommer and Zina Parkins. She has played in contemporary music concerts with the ensembles Accroche Note and Boswil, the Oxke Fixu duo, and the Syndronic and Variation Band in Switzerland, France and Finland.

Claire Trouilloud, soprano

Claire Trouilloud searches in her repertoire’s diversity an expression of all the colours of her voice. Her vocal and musical qualities, her professionalism and humanity allow her to interpret scores and projects of different sound universes, from baroque to contemporary music. With a Jazz Singing Diploma and a Contemporary Singing Diploma from the Strasbourg Conservatory, she performs internationally with Voix de Stras' (Chicago, Viena), Duo Dela (2015 International Saxophone Congress), VoxP (London, Geneva), and Blue Clay, jazz duo recently created, ensembles with which she builds a strong musical identity alongside her personal demands. This transversality is based on a research of the text of each work that allows her to enhance certain unexplored aspects, and that make her performances so unique and rich.

Leandro Marziotte, countertenor

Leandro Marziotte won the first prize at the International Händel Competition 2014 in Göttingen, Germany. He was also a finalist in the first International Countertenor competition in Lugano, Switzerland in 2011. He has a Masters in baroque singing, cum laude, from the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, in The Netherlands. He has also a Bachelor, a Specialisation Diploma in Contemporary Repertoire and a Lyrical Singing Diploma, summa cum laude, from the Strasbourg Conservatoire. Leandro performs regularly as a soloist with groups based in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Canada and Latin America, such as ‘Collegium Vocale Gent’, ‘Netherlands Bach Society’, ‘Le Parlement de Musique’, ‘Accroche Note’, ‘Radio Antiqua’, ‘Música Temprana’, ‘Stuttgarter Barockorchester’, ‘La Grande Chapelle’, ‘Ensemble Caprice’, among others.

Robert Torche, audio design

Robert Torche is a sound designer, developer and performer of Electronic Music. He specializes in the making and performing of hardware and software electronic musical instruments. Known and recognised for his keenness in sound design and musical informatics, he has been called upon to work in varied fields, among them: musical theatre, multimedia installations, contemporary music, film, dance, theatre and recording production. He worked and performed with different formations all over Europe, England, United States, Russia and Malaysia. He is member of ensemble Inverspace, We Spoke, ensemble viceversa and of the free improvisation band UFO with which he just released a new album. He is also used to playing in surprising ad hoc improvisation formations. At the moment, Robert is working as an independent musician. During his studies, he did a Masters' degree in Free Improvisation with Professors Fred Frith and Alfred Zimmerlin at the Musik Akademie of Basel, where he previously also achieved a Masters’ in Audiodesign.